DOMADOS was born from the dream of two Italian immigrants who arrived at the beginning of the last century and settled in the heart of Uco Valley, in the south-west of the province of Mendoza. Don Giocondo Ficcardi and Humberto Spigatin began cultivating Malbec grapes in 1920 in La Consulta, which has one of the best soils in the world for these vines. Today, thanks to their childrens Bruno and Fany Elena hard work, the tradition is carried on by their grandchildren Fernando, Daniel and Reinaldo, who have created DOMADOS. Knowledge, patience and meticulous care were the key factors in the Indigenous Ameri-Indians’ ability to master their horses. These attributes, at each and every step of the winemaking process, combined with the use of only the best raw materials, are fundamental to obtaining great results. These attributes are fundamental to DOMADOS, where making a good wine is like taming a horse
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